Small rechargeable loan: how does it work and how much can you get?

It is not uncommon to hear about small, rechargeable loans. But what do we refer to when we talk about these financial products? The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to rechargeable small loans is the maximum budget that can be obtained. Small, rechargeable loans provide access to a credit line of up to 5,000 euros .

The fact that it allows you to repay only the money actually used is interesting. Basically, with this loan you have the possibility of constantly renewing the loan as long as the money used has already been repaid.

Small rechargeable loan: that’s how much you can get

Small rechargeable loan: that

As anticipated, the small rechargeable loan represents the ideal solution for all those who need a sum less than or equal to 5,000 euros quickly. Using the technical language, this type of loan is defined as not finalized because the applicant does not have the obligation to declare precisely the money he needs.

Furthermore, it is not even necessary to explain the reason for which the loan request was made. Indeed, reimbursement can be established depending on the applicant’s working condition. Basically, we have to do with a loan that is to say the least flexible, which manages to meet the needs of the applicants. For the most attentive, it will not be overlooked that the small rechargeable loan looks very much like a so-called revolving credit card .

In fact, the comparison is not entirely wrong. The small rechargeable loan, in fact, can be considered a real permanent solution. In this regard, it is interesting to underline the fact that, if the applicant realizes that the sum granted is not sufficient, a recalculation of the same and, consequently, of the installments with which to return the sums used can be made.

Interest rates and repayments


The small rechargeable loans are totally released from the very high interest rate mechanism. For this reason, applicants have the option to return only the money actually used without having to deal with totally disproportionate interest rates. Generally, installments are established based on the specific needs of those who have applied for the loan. In any case, and these are really very low monthly installments, however, below 50 euros . How easy it is to understand, therefore, it is a loan to which everyone can access without any kind of problem. A very interesting aspect to take into account concerns the fact that the small rechargeable loan does not provide for any kind of preliminary cost. The savings, therefore, is considerable. The times are really very fast. In fact, a small rechargeable loan can be granted in just 48 hours . Obviously, a lot depends on the economic capacities of individuals, the work they do and their historian.

Rechargeable loans: which to choose?

Rechargeable loans: which to choose?

There are really many alternatives on the market to choose from. For this reason, it is important to compare the various alternatives and choose taking into account personal needs. One aspect to consider is interest rates. In fact, they can have a more or less important impact on the monthly payment and, therefore, they must be scrupulously scrutinized. Regardless of the various options, it is useful to note that to access the credit line it will be necessary to produce the last paycheck and the employment contract both for a fixed-term and an indefinite term, the CUD, the tax return or the pension certificate. Basically, one has to prove that one is able to repay the amount that will be used .

In some cases, it is also possible for a worker not to be granted a small, rechargeable loan. The reasons may be the most varied and, obviously, they are linked to the specific needs of the banks that provide the loans. To overcome this problem, it is possible to offer other guarantees with which to prove to be able to pay the installments. Any examples? Demonstrating making regular payments to your current account could be a good guarantee.

Alternatively, you can show that you have a fixed income such as a rent. The best solution as well as the most immediate is that of a guarantor . The guarantor is responsible for guaranteeing the applicant and reassuring the financial institution about the possibility of returning the loaned money. In short, the small rechargeable loan is the best solution for all those who need money quickly and who have no intention of asking for amounts in excess of 5,000 euros.