Payday Loans without representing your paycheck

Financial companies which in Italy grants personal loans even without payroll and therefore allows access to credit to those who often have greater economic difficulties and at the same time find themselves cut off from any possibility of obtaining money borrowed.

Payday Loans without representing your paycheck

Payday Loans

The pay slip for credit and financial institutions is a form of guarantee for the repayment of the sums lent, and for this reason most credit companies place the presence of a temporary employment contract as an essential condition for the loan, even of small sums undetermined, and in some cases even for a fixed term.

Italian Lenders stands out and to meet the needs of all offers loans without pay even online. Italian Lenders’s strength lies in offering customized solutions based on the needs of individual applicants and with reduced costs, all with the certainty of a clear and transparent contract, without unpleasant surprises.

Italian Lender’s loan contracts without payroll include zero collection and management fees, zero preliminary costs, no stamp duty and no added costs for periodic communications. These characteristics lead the TAN (Net Annual Rate) to be very close to the APR (Annual Global Effective Rate) and therefore the total to be returned does not become excessively onerous and above all can be known immediately. Among the advantages of Italian Lenders loans there is also the possibility in the course of the loan to remodel the installment after the first six months.

Italian Lenders who can apply for a personal payday loan without pay slip

payday loan

Obviously, when a loan is requested, one must be in a position to repay the sums because the credit institutions nonetheless carry on a profitable activity and not public charity. However, there are situations in which although there is a certain economic capacity traditionally loans are not given, Italian Lenders with the loan without a pay slip meets the needs of these people.

Italian Lenders loans without pay checks are aimed at
– atypical workers (occasional collaboration contracts, coordinated and continuous collaborators), these are contracts that are considered self-employment and do not offer particular guarantees over time;
– part-time workers ;
– students (from 18 to 35 years you can opt for the loan which offers particularly favorable conditions);
– unemployed;
– illegal workers who, despite having an income, do not have a formal pay slip;
– housewives .

In these cases, however, to obtain a loan it is necessary to have alternative guarantees, for example the presence of a guarantor , whether it be a friend or relative, or the possibility of offering a mortgage on an asset whose value is in any case adequate compared to as requested. If you request a loan with the signature of a guarantor, in addition to presenting your documents and the signature, you must also show the pay slip.

It is possible to obtain a loan without a pay slip even if you are the owner of a property that produces income, for example in the case of a lease, or if you are in possession of mobile securities that constantly produce income, or a financial income.

To obtain a Italian Lenders loan it is also necessary to be between the ages of 18 and 75, residing in Italy and a current account header. The request can also be sent online by filling out a form, scanning ID card and social security number and signing the digital signature. For those who love more traditional methods.

How much can I request?

How much can I request?

Another characteristic that makes Italian Lenders different from the other financial ones is represented by the fact that maximum amounts are not foreseen. The maximum sum payable is established from time to time based on the guarantees presented by the applicant.

To obtain a loan, however, it is necessary that the condition of the applicant and the guarantor be assessed, for this reason it may be necessary to wait some time before receiving the acceptance of the request and consequently the money. Loans without Italian Lenders paychecks are not finalized so it is not necessary to indicate the reason why the loan is requested. The money obtained can be used to consolidate other debts and pay a single installment, pay the holiday, or furniture. Whatever the need, Italian Lenders has the right solution for your needs.