Cheaper loans? Find out with the comparison of the various proposals

Are Uni Bank or Uni Lender loans cheaper? Is it a question that haunts you and you can’t know how to answer? Certainly the financial and credit products offered by these players operating in the credit market are transparent products and of certain interest for those who intend to contract a loan; obviously to evaluate the convenience in contracting a Uni Bank or Uni Lender- branded loan , we must take into account the number of factors that come into play: the amount of financial capital needed, the time period necessary to repay it, the the monthly installments, the insurance policy to cover and combine the financial loan.

How can you proceed before contacting a Uni Bank or Uni Lender branch located in Italy? Well, a useful advice is to first of all be able to access the institutional sites, fill out the form that allows you to do, in just a few clicks and with ease from any PC, smartphone, tablet or PDA connected with Internet line, a personalized quote .

Uni Bank and Uni Lender: two convenient financial institutions


Nowadays it cannot be denied that convenience is not followed and the financial world must also adapt to this need: precisely because of this motivation, the financial and credit institutions propose themselves on the market with increasingly more competitive and more appetizing products able to attract public approval for the most modest charges and low interest rates .

Without a doubt, the two most popular financial institutions in recent times are Uni Lenderducato and Uni Bank, which offer excellent credit products with great added value: their products are increasingly closer to the needs of the market and can reach everyone, from the youngest to the youngest, with offers made ad hoc. To understand the convenience of one or the other, you must give an example of personal loan quotes and proceed to the comparison, just so you can guide consumers towards Uni Bank or Uni Lender.

Uni Bank: contractual conditions of the financial loan

financial loan

The Uni Bank financial company has deployed online personal loans on the market, which is flexible according to the needs of customers, whose peculiarities are:

  • possibility of 100% online loan signing with digital signature
  • you can change the installment without costs,
  • zero ancillary costs : stamp duty / replacement charge € 0, practical inquiry 0 € , collection and management installment 0 €, periodic communications 0 €
  • financing up to 100% of your project amount without advance payment.

The requirements to apply for the loan are:

  • aged between 18 and 75,
  • provable income,
  • residence in the Italian territory,
  • current account holder.
Loan features Refund method
  • Amount from € 1,000 to € 60,000
  • Total financing of the project
  • No need to change bank, you receive the full amount on the subscriber’s current account


  • Direct debit on the current account

To request a Uni Bank financial loan quote :

  • choose the installment online through the financial simulator,
  • fill in the form online with the data of the subscriber,
  • sign the loan agreement online using the Digital Signature service,
  • send the documents necessary to evaluate the loan application.

Uni Bank quote examples: would you like to buy a car and need 20,000 euros?

Uni Bank quote examples: would you like to buy a car and need 20,000 euros?

Here are the solutions that Uni Bank offers with insurance coverage:

Monthly installment Loan duration Tan APR
306.40 euros 96 months 8.45% 8.79%
337.20 euros 84 months 8.45% 8.79%
356.30 euros 78 months % 8.45 8.79%
378.50 euros 72 months 8.45% 8.79%
405.10 euros 66 months 8.45% 8.79%
437.00 euros 60 months 8.45% 8.79%
476.10 euros 54 months 8.45% 8.79%
525.00 euros 48 months 8.45% 8.79%
672.50 euros 36 months 8.45% 8.79%

Uni Lender Ducato: contractual conditions of the financial loan

Uni Lender Ducato: contractual conditions of the financial loan

An interesting proposal offered by Uni Lender Ducato is the Duttilio loan , a flexible personal loan: with Duttilio , Uni Lender’ flexible loan, you have an answer to all your needs! If the request is approved, the loan is obtained in just 48 hours; in addition, the amount is paid directly to the subscriber’s current account.

With you can:

  • skip an installment and postpone repayment,
  • change the monthly payment amount,
  • obtain the amount within 48 hours of approval of the request.

Examples of quote Uni Lender Ducato: do you want to buy a car and need 20,000 euros?

Let’s see how in the previous example to make some simulations of budget so as to allow the comparison of financial loan offers for the purchase of a car, amount requested 20,000 euros with insurance coverage.

Monthly installment Loan duration Tan APR
257.40 euros 120 months 8,91% % 10.02
275.20 euros 108 months 8,91% 10.07%
297.90 euros 96 months 8,91% 10.14%
317.00 euros 84 months 7,91% 9.13%
356.70 euros 72 months 7,91% 9.23%
412.70 euros 60 months 7,91% 9.38%
497.10 euros 48 months 7,91% 9.60%
638.40 euros 36 months 7,91% 9.97%
921.80 euros 24 months 7,91% 10.68%
€ 1,773.70 12 months 7,91% 12.70%